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Specialized Construction

Norris Brothers has become recognized for our ability to successfully undertake unique industrial construction projects. From concrete foundations and pads to building additions and renovations, our staff has the capability of providing construction services on a wide range of projects making Norris Brothers your single source for solving building and manufacturing needs. Professional and courteous while completing your job on time and on budget, our skilled union tradespeople are committed to exceeding customer expectations with quality workmanship.

Examples of projects we undertake:

  • Manufacturing facility expansion:
    • Walls
    • Foundations
    • Industrial Penthouses
    • and more!
  • Industrial platforms
  • Foundation systems
  • Press foundations
  • Vessels/industrial tanks
  • Heavy equipment pads
  • Tank/silo pads
  • Mechanical/electrical trench in-fill
  • Coffer dams
  • Sump pits, containment curbs/spill dikes
  • Grouting of all types
  • Specialized...
    • Shoring
    • Underpinning
    • Jacking/Lifting including the moving of structures